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People always ask why Bedsheets?

 There is a high demand for “something new” in the fundraiser business.  Unfortunately the common theme for most fundraiser products is that they are mostly products that nobody needs.  The team at HY Fundrsaising have discovered a solution. Bed Sheet Fundraisers!

Bedsheet fundraising is the fastest growing segment in the industry. Participation rates are nearly twice as much as with traditional fundraising products.

Our business was founded with the idea to help non-profits generate a great relationship with their supporters at the same time help them make more money than they have ever done with record breaking profit margins.  Simply through bed sheet fundraising.

How do we do this?  By selling BED SHEETS!  Keep in mind, every house you pass by needs bed sheets.

Our bed sheet fundraiser cater to every organization looking to run a fundraiser. Sell your supporters a product they will use, a product they will love; and enjoy the highest profits per sale ($15-$20) in the industry.